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Dentaz Laser – Laser technology

State of the art laser technology offer quick, effective and painless treatments – researches show that patients prefer laser solution to the standard solutions.

Advanatges of laser technology:

  • Shorter treatment with some types of intervention
  • With many procedures anethestethics are not required
  • Little or no bleeding, less infections, no stitching
  • Full range of treatment highly precise, safe treatment of hard and soft tissue
  • Less noise and less fatigue for the staff, and more satisfied patients

Caries Removal

Er: YAG LASERS offer ablation of hard dental tissue, enameiI dentin without heating of surrounding structures.

Painless removal of full caries mass.

The rest of the works resembles conventional works.

The Disinfection of the root canals

Lasers use thermal effects to annihilate the bacteria deep in the root canal. Laser Edondontia can shorten the labour time and increase success rate. Conventional chemical techinque eliminates bacteria in the dental tubules up to 100micrometar of depth. Fotona laser s, on the other hand can disinfect up to the 1000mm of depth, deeper than any other so far.

Gengival Treatments

Diode, Nv: YAG Er: YAG Lase can significantly reduce the treatment time and reduce the covalescence time with gengival treatments.

Typical applications : open and closed curettages, gengivectomia, gengival plastic and lesser reconstruction of the soft tissue . The success rate of the treatments is additionally improved thru chemostatic and the reduction of bacterial infections. One of the biggest advantages is that a long and painful procedure of reduction of periodontal pocket can be finished in one seanse which means closed curettage treatment where infection is prevented and the size of the pocket reduced.

With dental laser disinfection and cleaning and laser perio pocket reduction and elimination, we eliminate the most frequent cause of destruction of the gums. In 65 % of the cases surgery is not needed.

Thanks to laser tech we can solve many of your problems in one visit, without pain and bleeding.


Laser bleaching enhances the bleaching effects, is more comfortable because the bleaching gel works faster than in conventional procedures, the procedure is faster, the gum reaction is reduced to the minimum, so the whole procedure is comfortable and time effective.

Oral desease

Potona lasers are high performance lasers and are ideal for the treatment of the wide range of oral deseases and various oral lesions. Antibacterial effects are such that healing time is much shorter ;also reduces possibility of herpetic lesions, aphtae, leucoplaques, keratosis and hiperkeratosis.

Our services

Our dental office includes all in one place: complete range of all dental services together with dental which guarantees the fastest way to do all that is needed.

If you are coming from abroad, please inform us few days in advance, so that our team can be ready for you, and we will make your smile shine in the least amount of time.

Our team is specialised in :
  • Conservative dentistry and endodontics
  • Oral surgery
  • Paradetholgy and pardenthological surgery
  • Orthotics
  • Dental estethics
  • Implanthology
  • Prosthetics
  • Laser

(state of the art technology in the fixed and mobile dentures with the state of the art technology and materials )